Red chilli is also known as Lal Mirchi. The demand for red chilli dryers is always quite high in India because they are widely used to prepare dishes. The drying characteristics of chilli depend on its maturity stages. The ingredient is subjected to various drying conditions in a hot air drying cabinet. The humidity and temperature in the cabinet depend on the drying procedure and the final product.

Generally, the response surface methodology is used in the chilly processing machinery to get optimal processing effect. The chilli pepper colour can deteriorate if you dry it at a very high temperature. Drying is a widely used preservation method for various food products. If you want to produce good quality dry chill, choose a reputable supplier of red chilli dryers and follow a suitable drying condition.

Demand For Red Chilli Powder

You can reap all the benefits offered by red chilli powder if the ingredient is processed in a high-quality dryer. You can also rest assured that the powder will retain its distinctive flavour and alluring aroma. It is one of the most common spices found in almost every Indian household. Add some red chilli powder when preparing a dish and it will get a tasty and spicy kick.

Chilli pepper is generally consumed in powdered form. Since most Indians love spicy food, powder is an integral part of Indian cuisine. Various types of red chillies are available in the market with distinctive flavour and form. Choosing the right red chilli dryer machine will become easier if you consider the type of red chilli pepper you want to process. You have the flexibility to choose the drying rate, moisture diffusivity, and mass transfer co-efficiency.

Benefit Of Drying Red Chilli

  • Using a red chilli dryer is one of the easiest methods to preserve the ingredient.
  • Drying curbs the growth and production of microorganisms. There is a reduction in its moisture content so microorganisms can’t grow in it and reduce the food quality.
  • Choose the right company supplying chilly processing machines and you can consume the powder without worrying about any health risk.
  • Drying chilli pepper also reduces its weight and volume so you can save some money on packing, storage and transportation.

It is always advisable to buy a red chilli dryer from a reputable supplier like Food Tech Projects. They follow proper drying conditions which don’t deteriorate the quality of the dried products.

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