Spray dryer is a drying machine used to process solutions, suspensions, or materials in a slurry state.

Spray dryers are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries to produce powders from a variety of materials, including milk, coffee, antibiotics, and detergents. They are known for their efficiency, speed, and ability to produce powders with a consistent particle size distribution.



  • The droplets are small, giving a large surface area for heat and mass transfer so that evaporation is very rapid.
  • It can be used for drying heat sensitive or oxidized materials without degradation.
  • It can be designed for drying under sterile conditions.
  • The dried powder will have a uniform particle size and shape. Because of good flow properties, the spray-dried powder can be easily compressed into the form of tablets.
  • It is useful in the coating and encapsulation of both solids and liquids.
  • Labor cost is low since the material is dried in a single operation with no handling.
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