Refractance Window Dryer

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High Performance Refractance Window Dryer

It is a cutting-edge modern-day food production technology. It is followed by the leading food suppliers in India. Food Tech Projects is one of the reputable sources where you can purchase this machinery for your food processing and supplying needs. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Refractance window drying equipment. With our machinery, it will be possible for you to manufacture different food items without altering their nutritional benefits.

Industrial Food Dryer Machine in India:

Food drying is a necessary task for producing food items from organic produce like fruits and vegetables. Using specialised machinery like refractive window food drying systems will make the task easier. Purchase it from Food Tech Projects, which is one of the leading manufacturers of such equipment in India. Our drying equipment is known for its functionality, ease of use and dynamic industrial design.

Why Refractive Window Food Drying Systems?

A RWD uses safe methods to dehydrate fresh whole foods. This helps the food processing industries to make other food items from the main fruit or vegetable. The dryer does not directly apply heat to the whole food; rather, it transfers thermal energy from water to the food item. The refractance window drying equipment applies heat till the fruit or vegetable reaches the stage of dehydration. At this point, the process ceases to function automatically.

The benefits of using a RWD are mentioned below:

  • Lesser Time Required for Drying Fruits
  • Significant decrease in the cost of drying food items
  • The process requires less capital and lesser energy than traditional food-drying methods
  • Zero Chance of Cross-Contamination Between Food Items

Why Buy it from Food Tech Projects?

When you buy Refractance Window Dryer from Food Tech Projects, you can be assured of quality function and ease in the process of food drying. We have a team of expert designers who manufactures fully functional dryer set to assist you better in food processing. You can prepare food faster as the machine will take less time and effort to dry the food. You will also be surprised by the fact that it will reduce your overall cost of food processing, as the equipment uses less power and human intervention.

As a customer, we can assure you to provide the highest standards of customer service from our end. From installation to maintenance of the equipment, you can find us at all steps. We can also look into any problems your refractive window drying equipment has.

Continuous Refractance Window Dryer

What is Gemtech Refractance Window Dryer Technology & Working Principle : –

The Gemtech novel Refractance Window drying system consists of film for transmitting the radiant energy to the product for drying the product and to convey from one side to another side. This film is supported over a two end pulleys for moving the film during the drying process. Below the film, a water trough is placed and filled with hot water and besides this hot trough, there will be cold water trough to cool the product before leaving the RWD. Hot water in the hot water trough is re-circulated through the heating unit to maintain the constant temperature of water and to increase the thermal efficiency. Product which contains high moisture content applies uniformly at one end of the film and the dried product collects at the other end of the RWD. At the top of the film, a stainless steel hood is provided to exhaust the vapour that is evaporated from the product. The main feature of this technology is evaporative cooling and convective heat transfer above the drying material. The hot water beneath the film is re-circulated to improve the thermal efficiency. The belt moves at a desired speed while the drying process takes place.

Applications of RWD:-

  • Fruits and Vegetables Purees
  • Single Strength Purees
  • Concentrated Purees
  • Chunky Purees
  • Juices
  • Seed Pulp
  • Sliced Fruits and Vegetables
  • Meat and Poultry Purees and Broths
  • Fish- Purees and Broths
  • Egg Products Egg Powder etc.
  • Dairy Products including Dairy Cultures
  • Cereals, Grains and Starches
  • Beverages – Concentrates and Mixes
  • Nutraceuticals-Proteins Powder
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Algae
  • Fine Chemicals

Advantages RWD :-

  • Superior Food Quality
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Lower Operation Costs
  • No Cross-Contamination Occurs
  • Shorter Drying Time
  • Requires 50-70% Less Capital
  • 50% Less Energy than the Freezer Drier

New Continuous Refractance Window Dryer

Alage | Seaweed | Carrageenan Dehydration Processing Machinery

Turmeric Dehydration in RWD

Pumpkin Powder Processing

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