Technologically Upgraded Sesame Processing Machinery

Food Tech Projects (Gemtech Projects LLP) are the product manufacturer of a wide range of machinery, among which sesame processing machinery is a notable mention. Our machines are made with compact structures, special designs and easy to clean features. We make pieces of machinery that have a high peeling rate of around 99%.

Our sesame processing machines are fully automatic and operationally friendly. Hence they are in high demand among different industries. We ensure high production efficiency for all our sesame processing types of machinery.

Effective Sesame Processing Machine for Food Industries

Food Tech Projects (Gemtech Projects LLP) manufactures high-quality and technologically advanced sesame processing machines that automatically hull sesame seeds. Our machines for sesame processing effectively remove the husks from the sesame. We offer high production efficiency along with a high peeling rate.

All sesame processing plants largely use our machines because it involves low maintenance and energy saving.

Features of Our Machines for Sesame Processing

  • We maintain compact structure, advanced design and easy to clean features for all sesame processing machines.
  • We offer a high peeling rate for all machines with a precision of around 99%.
  • Our machines are fully automatic and can help industries save energy even after repeated usage.
  • We make machines with high production efficiency.
  • We use computer-assisted designs and engineering to complete the processing plant. 
Single deck, vibro screen grader
Single Deck,Vibro Screen Grader
Seed Cleaner Cum Grader
Continuous tunnel dryer
Continuous Tunnel Dryer
Pressure Type Destoner
Brush Polisher
Brush Polisher
Huller machine
Huller machine
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