Gemtech Band or Apron dryer is a type of industrial drying equipment that is used to dry a wide variety of materials. It typically consists of a long, metal belt or apron that is passed through a series of dryer sections, each with a different temperature and humidity level. The material to be dried is placed on the belt or apron, and as it moves through the dryer sections, the heat and airflow help to remove moisture and dry the material. Band or apron dryers are commonly used in the food, chemical, and paper industries, among others.


Gemtech Band or apron dryers are used in a variety of industries to dry a wide range of materials. Some common applications include:

  • Food Processing: Drying fruits, vegetables, meat, and other food products.
  • Chemical Industry: Drying chemicals, resins, and other materials.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Drying tablets, capsules, and other pharmaceutical products.
  • Paper Industry: Drying paper, pulp, and other cellulose-based materials.
  • Textile Industry: Drying fabrics, yarns, and other textile products.
  • Wood Processing: Drying lumber, plywood, and other wood products.
  • Agriculture: Drying crops, grains, and other agricultural products.
  • Biomass Processing: Drying biomass, such as wood chips, sawdust, and other materials.
  • Recycling Industry: Drying plastic, rubber, and other recycled materials.

These are some of the most common application of Band or Apron Dryer, it may also be used for
other industrial processes that require drying of materials.


Gemtech Band or apron dryers have several advantages over other types of industrial drying equipment, such as:

  • High Efficiency: Band or apron dryers are highly efficient at removing moisture from materials, which can help to reduce drying times and increase production rates.
  • Flexibility: Band or apron dryers can be used to dry a wide variety of materials, and can be customized to meet the specific drying requirements of different products.
  • Low Maintenance: Band or apron dryers are relatively low maintenance, which can help to reduce downtime and increase productivity.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Band or apron dryers typically use less energy than other types of industrial dryers, which can help to reduce operating costs.
  • Consistent Results: The uniformity of dryness is more consistent using band or apron dryer.
  • Scalability: Band or apron dryers can be scaled up or down as needed to meet the changing production requirements of a facility.
  • Durability: Band or apron dryers are typically built to last, which can help to reduce replacement costs and improve the overall ROI of the equipment.
  • Automatic Operation: Most of the band or apron dryer are fully automatic and once the settings are done, the process will run automatically.

Overall, band or apron dryers are an efficient, flexible, and cost-effective solution for a wide range
of industrial drying applications.

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