Aleppo Pine Seed Processing Machinery

Gem FoodPro Grinding Machine

Power (Motor)1.5 HP
Power (Blower)0.5 HP
Product Size2 MM
Operating Voltage220 V , 50 Hz
Structural BodySS 304

Gem Distillation System

Output Capacity4 Liters / Hrs.
Conductivity1.0-2.0 μS/cm
Power Rating3.0 kW
Structural BodySS 304
Cryogen Free
With Reservoir Sensor

Gem Vertical Autoclave

Vertical Positioning
Operating Pressure15-22 Psi
Volume40 liters
Heater Load2.0 KW
Internal Dimension300 X 550 (mm)
Operating Voltage220 V
Hydraulically Tested up to 40 Psi

Gem Seed Screening Machine

Output Capacity350 Liter/hrs.
Thickness Of plate5 mm
Thickness Of coating15-20 mm
Power2 H.P
Operating Voltage220 V , 50 Hz
Structural BodySS 304

Gem Vertical Bulk Sealer

Operating Voltage380-440 V, 50 V, 3 Phase
Power2.8 kV
Sealing TypePneumatic
Sealing Length * Width600 X 10 mm
Vacuum Pump20 m3/Hr.
Machine Dimension (mm)800 X 800 X 1900
Film thickness≤180 Mic.
Net weight225 kg

Gem Vertical Bulk Sealer

Wall and Ceiling Panel 80 mm Thick with Fully Cam
lock, Gasket both side PPGI Sheet Thickness 0.4
mm, Floor Panel with Aluminum Checked Plate
80mm Thick Flush Type Door with Door Closer,
Hinge, Lock and Room Temperature: 2 to 6°C, Air
cooled condenser, Temperature Controller, Split
Valve, Interconnected Piping condenser Fan, Inlet
and outlet piping 15′ included evaporator with SS.
Dimension: 1800 X 1800 X 2100 (mm)
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