Tobacco is a specific plant species with high levels of addictive chemical nicotine. The green leaves have a long and elliptical shape. The leaves are of different sizes. The larger leaves are found at the base of the plant and have a length of around 60 centimetres. The leaves have short hairs through which a yellow substance known as nicotine is generated.

Tobacco is a natural herb bearing trumpet-shaped flowers with five petals. Many people love the grassy scent of fresh-cut tobacco. The spicy and sharp taste of the leaves gives a tingly feeling like pepper or horseradish. You will be surprised to know that high-quality tobacco can offer numerous health benefits if processed properly. If you own a company manufacturing tobacco products, make sure you invest in high-quality tobacco processing machinery

Uses of Tobacco

Tobacco leaves are also known as Nicotiana tabacum and are a part of the eggplant family. They are processed and dried before they are used for smoking. For years, the leaves were used medicinally. Years back, some chefs started using tobacco when preparing various dishes as it rendered the dishes a complex flavour.

Though tobacco is good for your taste buds, it might be hard on the stomach. Since these leaves contact nicotine, consuming them in high quantities can be quite toxic for your body. Even harvesters can fall sick if exposed to the leaves for a long period. It is one of the primary reasons you should always invest in a high-quality tobacco processing dryer.

Its Nutritional Value

You can reap all the nutritional benefits of dried tobacco if it is processed properly. The leaves have high protein content. Even WHO has stated that you can use the leaves as a functional food. Extracts from tobacco leaves contain lysine and amino acids. Nicotine found in tobacco leaves used to make cigarettes is quite addictive and can lead to cancer growth. The smoke is highly carcinogenic, irrespective of you smoking dried leaves in the form of cigarettes or pipe tobacco.

Few Applications of Tobacco

One of the most common applications of tobacco leaves is pipe smoking or cigarettes. The leaves are harvested, processed and dried. The ingredient is also used in some cuisine to impart a bitter and subtle taste. You can cook it with rice or use it with smoked meats like fish or wild game. Choose a high-quality processing dryer if you want the leaves to retain all their value.

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