There are many industrial drying technologies – some are traditional, whereas others are innovative. Each one differs and has its share of pros and cons. You can choose a drying solution based on your needs and requirements. For instance, a refractance window dryer stands out compared to the other commonly used industrial dryers. It has plenty of advantages that will simply leave you with no option other than choosing it.

Before finding out more about refractance window dryers, let’s take a look at the most widely used industrial drying methods –

  1. Hot air drying: It is the most common drying procedure and the best part is that it isn’t costly. However, it may be a slow process at times. Ideal for sturdy food and industrial products, the major disadvantage is that it can cause total dehydration of the product surface, resulting in cracks.
  2. Sun drying: Sun drying is the oldest and an inexpensive drying solution. It is used to dry fruits and veggies like apricots and tomatoes; however, it is unable to preserve the vitamins and the product properties present in them. Besides, plenty of space and ample time are needed.
  3. Freeze-drying: It is used to dry food products that are temperature-sensitive. It leads to the preservation of the maximum percentage of organoleptic properties. However, it is a slow and costly method.

Benefits of Refractance Window Drying & Why It Clearly Stands Out

As discussed earlier, the refractance window drying method has more advantages than other industrial drying technologies. It is used for the drying of delicate and heat-sensitive products like fruits and vegetable purees (as well as sliced fruits and vegetables), juices, meat and poultry purees and broths, dairy products – including dairy cultures, seed pulp, pharmaceuticals, algae, fine chemicals and a lot more.           

Here are some of its advantages

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Shorter drying time
  3. Retains product colour, flavour, aroma and nutritional content
  4. Ensures superior food/product quality
  5. No cross-contamination takes place

What More Do You Want?

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