Refractance window dryer systems have shown good product value. A continuous drying process is initiated with the help of a refractance window dryer. The drying equipment performs a continuous drying process within 2 to 10 minutes. This is a conventional method where the freeze-drying method is used, and it helps to produce superior quality goods that retain the aroma, colour, and flavour of the goods to their finest quality. Since the window dryer works continuously, it utilises much less energy than the other drying methods.

In many food processing industries, refractance window dryers are used as industrial food dryer machines in India. To know more about window dryers, read on.

How does Commercial Dehydration Take Place?

Drying is one of the oldest and traditional methods of preserving different things. Once you’ve dried a component, you will reduce the moisture content from the product. When the moisture is removed, the product can be preserved properly. This is more effective than other preservation methods, especially in the food processing industry. Dehydrated products generally have an unlimited duration for shelf life.

Moreover, as in the food processing industries, using refractance window dryers can reduce transportation costs to a large extent. Thus, it is a beneficial option for the food processing industries. The handling and storage costs for the refractance window dryer are so low that it is useful for commercial food processing.

Many food processing companies use sun drying and hot air drying options as drying technology instead of refracting window dryers. However, these are not convenient drying methods. Drying the products and ingredients under the sun causes quality and colour loss.

Drum drying is another process with a high chance of product quality and nutritional value loss. The drum drying process is where the product is given inside the vacuum chamber.

Spray drying is another common process used in the food industry where the capitalisation costs are low. If the product that is being used to dry contains high amounts of moisture content, then with the help of spray drying under high temperature, the same is dried. However, spray-dried products often lose their high volatility due to exposure to high-temperature rates.

You can also find a drying process in commercial food processing centres that helps produce dehydrated products and retain the products’ shape, nutrition, flavour, and colour.

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