Cassava is a familiar name in the houses of Sub Saharan Africa. People consume it in different forms. The most popular by-product of cassava is its flour. It finds great usage in cooking as its texture is similar to wheat or gram flour.

Careful Consumption of Cassava

Though you can use cassava flour in different food items, raw cassava is nothing short of poison. It is composed of cyanogens, which can cause high intoxication in the human body. So before consuming, cassava should be carefully processed.

Why Toxin Removal is Integral in Cassava Processing

The cassava processing machinery plays an important role in removing its toxicity. A balanced act between physical and mechanical efforts can help cassava become fit for consumption. Know about the process here:

  • Peeling: The outer skin of the cassava contains the most cyanogens. For this, the process of peeling should be done carefully. This work is primarily done through the processing machinery.
  • Boiling: Most of the toxic substances get eliminated by peeling the cassava. However, boiling it properly can remove the last bit of toxic elements. You can get the best results when you soak the cut pieces of cassava in cold water for at least 24 hours.
  • Drying: Drying the cut pieces of cassava under the sun is a great way to end its toxic nature. The cyanide can get lower when exposed to sunlight. The process of drying can also be done on the processor machine.
  • Starch Extraction: For this process, you need the help of cassava processing equipment. The removal of starch by using a vibrating screen can reduce toxic elements in it by a large amount. The starch of cassava can also be used as it is used in manufacturing medicine.

To produce cassava flour in larger amounts, you can purchase cassava processing machinery from Food Tech Projects. The machinery can remove the toxic quality of the tuber. It can be a great addition to the food processing industry. It can be operated easily as they have separate control panels. The operative parameters are easy too.

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