The food processing industry needs different types of machines for daily operations. Some of them are used for drying different food items before final processing. Refractive window drying is one of the most popular industrial food dryer machines. It works by removing moisture from food products. 

Refractive window drying is mainly used to dry up liquids and purees placed on a thin tray-like transparent film using a combination of heat, airflow, and time. The machine forms a window for drying those objects placed on that infrared film. Heat and airflow are used to reduce the moisture content.

If you are considering buying an Industrial food dryer machine in India, you should have a clear idea about how this machine works.

How Industrial Food Dryer Machine Works?

An industrial food dryer machine involves some basic steps to reduce the amount of liquid or moisture present in a particular food item. These steps include:

1. Loading: You need to load the food items into the infrared transparent thin platform of the machine for drying.

2. Heat: Adequate heat is delivered to the food products for drying. An electric or gas-powered heating element is applied to generate the heat. 

3. Airflow: Not only heat but airflow is also required to remove moisture from the food items. The Refractive window drying machine includes a fan that circulates hot air over the food products.

4. Moisture removal: As the hot air circulates over the food products through the window, the technique of evaporation works to remove the moisture from the food lying below. It ensures that the food product becomes completely dried and ready to pack or for further processing.

Unloading: You can unload the food item from the drying chamber once it reaches the desired dryness level.

How Much Time Will It Take?

The drying process takes time, which depends on the type and quantity of food products you want to get dried with the help of this machine. It can take several hours or days for the food products to reach the desired dryness level.

Industrial food dryer machines work well on food products, including grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and nuts. You can use them in food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, and other food-related industries.

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