We all are aware of the fact that the lifespan of any product depends a lot on its moisture content. Due to the moisture content, microbes survive and grow in numbers. So, to alleviate this issue, we need to find ways. One such process is freezing, but it is too expensive. Another option is to eliminate water using heat, which is drying. The latter is preferable these days, mainly because it can preserve any food product. Refractance window drying (RWD) is one such technology that comes with several benefits. 

You can use our best quality refractance window drying equipment to dry products that are heat-sensitive. Using this, products like purees and juices can retain the aroma, colour, nutritional properties, and antioxidant compounds of the product. 

The Principle of this Technology 

The most crucial feature of the refractance window dryer is the use of hot water as the medium of heat transfer. Moreover, the process takes place at a temperature that is lower than its boiling point. Contact film is the heart of this drying technology that uses hot water below the temperature of 99 °C. To improve thermal efficiency, you need to recirculate the hot water under the film. While the drying process takes place, the best moves at the set speed.  

Benefits of Refractance Window Drying Technology

  • Colour of the Product

The food product’s colour plays a vital role in the rejection or acceptance of the consumer. According to a recent study, the colour of strawberries with refractance window drying over the spray and freeze drying are brighter and fresher. So, we can say that this technology helps to protect the product’s colour. 

  • Anthocyanin Content

Anthocyanins come under the phenolic group and are water-soluble pigments. Research shows that refractance window drying leads to reduced anthocyanin loss. 

  • Microstructure

This factor also plays a key role in the quality, stability, and transport properties of processed food products. It’s important to take note that the microstructure of mango powder obtained from RWD is flaky, smooth, and uniformly thick.

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