Drying technology has seen a great advancement in the last few years. Dehydrating food products helps in preserving them. Choosing the right drying method plays an important role in preserving food while maintaining the maximum nutrients. Refractance window drying equipment is a boon to the food industry. This advanced technology also dehydrates a product faster than any other technology. Let’s dig into why you should use this equipment for drying food items with high-moisture content.

Is Refractance Window Drying Equipment Worthwhile?

  • Product Colour

When it comes to a food item, colour plays an important role. A customer may reject food if the colour is too dull and looks unattractive. According to a study, high-moisture food like carrot, strawberry and tomato purees looks even brighter when dried using a refractive window drying system, no matter if you’re using additives or not. You can count on this technology to retain the colour of the product optimally.

  • Reduced Anthocyanin Content

For the unversed, anthocyanin is a water soluble pigment that belongs to the phenolic group. According to several studies, using a refractive window drying system can reduce anthocyanin greatly.

  • Uniform Microstructure

Microstructure is crucial for the quality, stability and other properties of a dehydrated product. In this equipment, puree or slurry is spread evenly on a film which leads to smooth and uniform product flakes. For example, The microstructure of mango powder you will get from this advanced technology will be much smoother and uniformly thick as compared to any other drying technology.

  • Bulk Density and Porosity

When compared with other drying methods like freezer drying or sun drying, the bulk density of the product dried using RWD is considerably higher. This is because of the flat structure of the dehydrated item, which results in reduced porosity. Lower porosity and higher bulk density make the dried product less susceptible to the oxidative degradation process during storage.

Refractive window drying is one such technology that not only preserves the quality of the food product with its aroma but also consumes less energy to function. This system typically takes nearly five minutes to dry a product which isn’t possible when you use the sun drying method. This fourth generation technology is gaining prominence because of its unique properties.

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