If you are in the food manufacturing industry, you must be familiar with food processing machinery. They are required for food preparation and ensure that it stays intact for a long time. The machines aim to increase the palatability, consumability and preservation of food items. The machines perform preliminary and auxiliary functions like packaging too. You can get it from a reputable company that provides advanced food processing value chain solutions

FDA Regulations About the Food Processing Machinery  

The FDA is strict when it comes to using food processing machinery. This way, they ensure the consumers have safe food and do not suffer from diseases.  

Under the law, the equipment should be – 

  • Safe
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant 
  • Have sufficient weight and thickness to withstand repeated operations 
  • Should have a clean and finished surface  
  • Should be resistant to chipping, crazing, scratching, distortion, decomposition 
  • Manufacturers must meet these requirements regarding food handling and processing equipment.

Types of Equipment  

  • Preparation Equipment

The equipment comes into contact with the raw food material. It happens during the initial preparatory stages. Some common features in these machines include separators, sorters, peelers, washing systems etc.  

  • Mechanical Processing        

These machines are utilised for food preparation by changing their physical form and size. The type of equipment helps in crushing, grinding, cutting and forming the food. 

  • Heat Processing Equipment

This machinery heats up the food, changing its physical, chemical and biochemical properties. It assists in food preservation by destroying all microorganisms and reducing moisture content. The equipment can include dryers, heat exchangers, blanchers, ovens etc.

  • Preservation Equipment 

The different preservation methods include chilling, salting, irradiation, vacuum drying and more. This equipment prevents food spoilage to increase the shelf life of products. 

How to Choose the Right Food Processing Equipment? 

You should keep in mind some factors while choosing food processing equipment in India.

  • Sanitation 
  • Maintenance  
  • Waste Management  
  • Product Flow 

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