In the modern age, producing crops has become so advanced. You can find different agricultural practices that can grow multiple crops in different seasons. When it is about processing these crops, it is vital to ensure that you modify them to newer food products without altering their quality.

More About Refractance Window Drying:

Incorporating Refractance Window drying is essential for the seamless processing of agricultural produce. To summarise it in brief, refractance window drying is a novel fourth-generation food drying technique. It has become popular in the food processing industry due to its multiple benefits.

The Importance of RW Drying for Agricultural Products:

In the following section of this blog, we will discuss the use of refractive window drying in processing agricultural produce.

When it comes to crops, the RW drying method is applied to heat-sensitive foods. This includes fruits and vegetables. This drying method allows the fruits and vegetables to retain their original quality. This consists of nutritional benefits, like retaining the flavour compounds, antioxidants and other vital nutrients. The product temperature is kept very low, and the rapid drying happens due to three modes of heat transfer:

  • Conduction
  • Convention
  • Radiation

The secret behind the rising use of RW drying methods are many. The drying temperature remains low, automatically reducing the cost, time and energy consumption for food processing. The thermal efficiency of the product remains intact, which is better than the conventional drying techniques. We are talking about hot drying, spray drying, tray drying and drum drying methods.

Like other drying processes, the product dried by the refractance window drying equipment initially goes through a constant drying rate. This factor is, however, mainly dependent on the thickness of the food product. During this stage, the reflectivity value of the pulp increases, dropping the absorbing value.

The RW drying process has also been applied to reduce the moisture content from the oil. Though it has been primarily tested on food products like avocado, it showed minimal change in its physicochemical properties. The drying process offers high-quality dried products at a low drying temperature without spending much time.

With these steps, it will be easier to understand the importance of refractance window drying. It is vital to restore the nutritional value of agricultural products through modern drying techniques. To buy refractive window food drying systems from a reliable source, you can contact Genex Tech Industries. We are a well-known source providing highly functional RW drying equipment. For more information, you can visit our website.

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