Fresh and whole foods have the highest nutrients, but their shelf life makes it difficult to retain the entire nourishment. For example: as soon as the food is plucked from a tree, it starts losing its properties. However, there are some preservation methods to retain the food’s quality, like refrigeration, freezing, canning, and drying, among others. The refractance window dryer machine is an industrial food dryer machine and one of the safest equipment to dehydrate fresh whole foods. 

Here’s everything you should know about refractance window dryers.

Important Facts About Refractance Window Dryers

  • Overview

The refractance window dryer dehydrates foods by gently extracting water while retaining the minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients. This is because, during this drying process, food isn’t exposed to extremely high or low temperatures directly. 

  • How Does a Refractance Window Dryer Work

Simply put, it transfers thermal energy from warm water to food. This process evaporates the water content of the food and continues to reduce until it reaches nearly 3%. The food is no longer left with sufficient water to conduct the thermal energy from the water, and the window closes. 

After the dehydration process, a slurry of liquid product is applied evenly to the topmost surface of a continuous sheet of transparent plastic. This belt then floats on hot water. 

Refractance window dryer enables the passing of infrared energy into the liquid slurry at the speed of light. Heat also helps in moisture evaporation, particularly when the product is dry. This entire rapid and gentle process helps in retaining the food’s properties. 

  • Eco-Friendly

Refractance window dryer consumes less energy and water and preserves air quality around the drying facility as little product essence fades. This process also doesn’t generate exhaust dust. 

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